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For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and moved by music.  It has had an enormous effect on my life and, as I have observed, on the lives of others.  Live music is the way in which people share in the visceral experience that music engenders.  It can lift the spirits, remind one of a sweet memory of long ago and far away, generate laughter and tears, motivate us to move through dance, or toe-tapping, or finger-snapping.  It can make us lift our voices in song, or escape into our hearts through the blending of sounds that musicians and vocalists create together.

Jazz is my form of music.  It is the only musical genre that allows for on-the-spot creativity.  I have always said that if the world operated the way a jazz band did, we would never need to be at war.  We start with the brilliant themes of the composers and lyricists and present our idea of their intentions.  Following that initial, musical statement, the musicians, each in turn, put their own individual interpretation into play.  All are listening and responding to each musician's creativity.  Once everyone has offered their voice into the process, we all come back together again to develop a whole new understanding of the composer's original intent.  Every voice is heard, no one is criticized, and the music evolves to another, collaborative place.

Jazz is alive, it's interactive.  The musicians send sound to the audience and the audience, in turn sends back their energy to keep the music vibrant and rich.  This brings everyone into the process. 

The exchanges between audience and performer create a wonderful healing place.  The heart heals from old memories, it dances with present ones.  I am blessed to share the stage with incredibly attuned players, each in the moment, each with something special to add to the creative process.

If you like music, if you think you never liked jazz, you might like to try it on for size.  Many have, and they hunger for more.  I hope I see you on your initial journey into this wonderful world of sound, or on a return visit.


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